Exilva – Dust reduction in Seed coatings and treatments

Work performed by an external research institute shows how Exilva reduces dust-off, improves plantability and maintains the flowability of coated soybeans.

What is Exilva?

Exilva® is a microfibrillated cellulose – a new type of bio-based additive – showing some clear advantages helping you out when formulating. 

Exilva shows anti-wrinkle effect in face creams

Exilva is Borregaard’s innovative new Microfibrillar Cellulose that shows anti-wrinkle performance in face creams. Tests conducted by a well-known German institute for research, development, testing and analysis for cosmetic products, document that so called blemish balm creams (BB Creams) containing Exilva show a significant decrease in the average depth of roughness and arithmetic mean roughness. Consumers can experience increased smoothness, and decreased skin roughness for up to 4-5 hours after application of the face cream. “Exilva enables producers of face creams and skin care products to more effectively provide products with a high anti-wrinkle performance. At the same time, it positively affects the product´s environmental foot...

Exilva improves cold weather painting opportunities

Exilva is Borregaard’s innovative new microfibrillar cellulose (MFC) that decreases mud-cracking in exterior acrylic paint when applied in cold weather. Mud-cracks are a phenomenon occurring when paint is applied too thickly or allowed to build up in corners during application, or when the surface is not properly repaired. Mud-cracks look like irregular cracks in a surface, resembling cracks in dried mud. New tests in acrylic exterior paints, conducted by Marschall labs (US), show that Exilva reduces the tendency for mud-cracking during drying of acrylic pigmented systems (see Figure 1). This in turn provides the opportunity to reduce coalescent levels and related VOC levels in paint. About ExilvaExilva®, a Microfibrillar/Microfibrillat...

Eur 25 million in eu funding for exilva

Borregaard has received a funding commitment of EUR 25 million (NOK 232 million), for the development and commercialisation of Exilva, Borregaard’s microfibrillar cellulose. This support comes from the “Horizon 2020 Flagship Programme”, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The funding is intended to reduce the financial risks involved in the development and market introduction of new technologies in a commercial phase. In connection with the project, Borregaard will lead a consortium of European companies and research institutions consisting of Ayming (Belgium), Chimar (Greece), KTH (Sweden), Unilever (UK) and Ostfold Research (Norway). The funding will cover up to 60% of Borregaard’s project costs, to a maximum of EU...

How to add Exilva

To disperse Exilva completely into the formulation, a certain amount of shear is needed, depending on the product form of Exilva. 

Borregaard invests nok 225 million in a production facility for exilva microfibrillar cellulose

Borregaard’s Board of Directors has decided to invest in a facility for the production of Exilva microfibrillar cellulose (MFC). The plant will be built at the Borregaard site in Sarpsborg. The investment is estimated to NOK 225 million.  The project is based on new innovations related to the product itself as well as to the production process and the applications. Exilva MFC is based on natural and renewable raw materials. It has the potential to replace products derived from petrochemicals, and it also represents an opportunity to exchange organic solvent systems with water based solutions. In total this will lead to considerable positive environmental effects. Borregaard’s project to develop MFC started in 2005, and the R&D work...

Exilva for Barrier Coatings

Exilva® microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) is a bio-degradable, multifunctional and sustainable additive that can be used to improve barrier properties in packaging.

Free Exilva sample

Thank you for showing interest in Microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) and Exilva. Here you will find information about what you get when you request a sample from us, how you should prepare upfront to make sure you succeed with your tests, as well as our sample request form. Get your free sample here and now – and check out the opportunities with Exilva in your formulations!