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Borregaard is organised in three business segments: BioSolutions, BioMaterials and Fine Chemicals.



BioSolutions develops, produces and sells biopolymers and biovanillin from lignin. Biopolymers are used in a wide range of end-market applications, such as agrochemicals, batteries, industrial binders and construction. Biovanillin is supplied to flavour and fragrance companies, as well as to the food and beverage industry.


BioMaterials develops, produces and sells speciality cellulose mainly for use as a raw material in the production of cellulose ethers, cellulose acetate and other speciality products. BioMaterials also includes cellulose fibrils for industrial applications, which is in the commercialisation phase.

Fine Chemicals

Fine Chemicals consists of second-generation bioethanol and fine chemical intermediates mainly for contrast agents.

Press contacts

Tone Horvei Bredal
Tone Horvei Bredal
Communications Director
+47 69 11 81 65 / +47 924 67 711
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Dag Arthur Aasbø
Dag Arthur Aasbø
SVP Organisation & Public Affairs
+47 69 11 80 00 / +47 918 34 108
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