Sustainable Development Goals

How we contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

UF & MUF Wood adhesive additives

Borregaard’s MFC and lignin biopolymers can help solve UF and MUF gluing challenges.

Why MFC show potential in cosmetic applications

Over the last several years consumers have become more and more aware of the environmental impact of cosmetic products. Indeed cosmetic products end up down the drain and in the water system after a shower. The trend today is, therefore, to use natural raw materials to replace synthetic ingredients and reduce the environmental impact.

Cellulose Fibrils

Sustainable Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC) that improves rheology and stability and provides strength and barrier properties.

What is the effect of MFC on emulsion stability?

The saying, "Oil and water don’t mix" is not completely accurate as oil and water can be mixed as an emulsion. 

What is the effect of MFC on emulsion stability

The saying, "Oil and water don’t mix" is not completely accurate as oil and water can be mixed as an emulsion.


Our products can help you solve typical challenges in formulating liquid home care products and in professional cleaning detergents and replace current synthetic additives.
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Hrh crown prince haakon's visit to borregaard

January 18th Borregaard’s plant in Sarpsborg was the first stop on the Norwegian Crown Prince's tour to learn more about how Norwegian businesses position them self to «The green shift». The visit started in the Control Center at Borregaard plant, introduced by the Mayor of Sarpsborg, Sindre Martinsen-Evje. President and CEO Per A. Sørlie presented Borregaard's role in “The green shift” before The Crown Prince was presented to Research and Development and digitalisation at Borregaard. The Crown Prince ended his visit with lunch at Borregaard's headquarters. See movie from visit here:  HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS CROWN PRINCE HAAKON's VISIT TO BORREGAARD

Benefits from tailored functionalities

Cellulose fibrils gives strength, stability and flexibility to your formulation, in addition to being a versatile rheology modifier and more.

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Your privacy is important for us. This privacy policy explains what persona data and personal information we collect from you and how we use it. We encourage you to read the summary below.
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