How to use cellulose fibrils with foam forming surfactants

Surfactants are present in most consumer products. The most familiar examples are shampoos, hand wash products and cleaning products in general. Switching to sulfate free surfactants improves the environmental profile, but can be a challenge.

Surfactants – a tool to tailor surface chemistry of MFC?

One of the advantages of cellulosic materials compared to synthetic materials, is their environmentally friendly profile as well as their biodegradability.

Starch adhesive additive

Improved starch-based adhesives for corrugated boards.

Sustainable solutions

Borregaard’s innovative products and solutions can play an important role in addressing the world’s greatest sustainable development challenges: Population growth and climate change. 

Auto Dishwasher (ADW) tablets

Borregaard offers a variety of plant-based anionic dispersants for auto dishwasher (ADW) products. These are sustainable alternatives to petrochemical-based anionic polymer ingredients, such as polyacrylic acid. Borregaard’s 100% bio-based Pionera products are derived from sustainably managed forests.

1st quarter 2016 results

Borregaard presented 1st quarter 2016 results on Wednesday 27 April 2016 at 07:00 CET.

Wood coatings

Improved mud-crack resistance and longer open-time.

Protective coatings

Improved sag resistance for spray applied coatings

Exterior coatings

Borregaard´s additives reduce the tendency for mud cracking during drying by keeping the surface open.

Bio-based deflocculants for sun care formulations

Borregaard lignin biopolymers are multi-functional additives used in sun care formulations to improve stability and charge dispersion and impart a natural UV resistance. Several different mechanisms provide the following multi-functional properties.

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