Lignin Biopolymers

Lignin & Lignosulfonates

Borregaard’s lignin-based biopolymers are renewable, wood-based alternatives to fossil-based chemicals and polymers used in a broad range of industries. Our products are tailor-made to obtain the optimal performance in your application.   

With over 90 years experience in lignin and lignosulfonates, we are continuously developing our unique product offering. Our environmentally friendly products are used as:

These multi-functional properties are valuable in a vast range of applications. A global network of production facilities, sales offices and technical service centres assures the best local service and competence, where and when you need it.

Market driven innovation efforts are performed by our R&D centres in Norway, the USA and India, and through our global technical service teams. Our roots stem from the pioneering lignin chemicals businesses in the US and Sweden over 90 years ago, from which we have built unique competence in producing customised solutions together with our customers.

Our raw material is wood, a 2nd generation feedstock, thereby not competing with food production. Documentation of the sustainability of our products and processes is spearheaded by a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) approach providing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

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