Sustainable Additives for Biomass Pelleting

Borregaard is the world’s leading supplier of sustainable, wood-based pelleting aids known throughout the industry for their positive impact on physical pellet quality and manufacturing efficiency. We offer solutions for production and handling challenges faced by biomass pellet producers. Besides being safe to handle and environmentally friendly our products are natural, renewable and sustainable.

Wood pellets and other types of biomass pellets continue to grow in use throughout the world as an alternative to the non-sustainable fossil fuel resources of coal, oil and gas. There is a growing global consensus that future energy needs must be met by low carbon alternatives such as biomass. No matter if it is utilising biomass to warm an individual home, or a large utility providing electricity to an entire geographic region, biomass pellets continue to grow in use and acceptance.

There are inherent difficulties in pelletising biomass products into a useable source that can be easily and safely transported, stored and eventually utilised for energy production. Borregaard’s pellet binders and processing aids offer a number of benefits for producers:

  • Improved physical pellet quality
  • Reduction of dust and fines
  • Improved pellet efficiency and production rates
  • Ability to optimise the mix of raw materials selected for use
  • No negative impact on net caloric value (NCV) of finished pellets
  • Borregaard products are derived from wood biomass
  • Ability to positively impact self-heating tendencies of biomass pellets.

If you are a biomass pellet producer please contact us so we may offer you our expertise in determining a solution to your particular pelleting and operational needs.

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