LignoBond 870L performance at a wood pelleting plant

A demonstration at a commercial wood pelleting plant in the United States shows that LignoBond® 870L increased production rate, reduced power consumption and improved pellet durability.

Key takeaways:

  • Production rate increased by 21%
  • Amperage reduced; power consumption reduced from 101 kWh/ton to 81 kWh/ton
  • Pellet durability (PDI) increased from 96.5 to 96.9

Press amperage: 1 of 2 motors

Monitoring of production began at 09:30.  Feeder-screw speed was at 38-Hz, kWh/Ton was 99.9 and pellet durability was 96.4.  LignoBond 870L was first applied at 09:56 at a rate of 0.73% liquid on fibre. There was an immediate drop in amperage from 167 to 139, kWh/Tons dropped to 83.3 and pellet durability increased to 97.2.  Water addition was stopped at 10:06 with very little change.  At 10:22, production rate was increased by 21% (46-Hz), which reduced the dosage of LignoBond 870L to 0.60%.  Pellet durability reduced slightly to 96.9 and kWh/Ton dropped to 80.8.  LignoBond 870L feed was shut off at 10:37.  Amperage increased to 173, kWh/Ton increased to 103.4 and pellet durability was lowered to 96.5.

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