Borregaard has produced bioethanol for more than fifty years as a by-product of our cellulose production. Made from Norway Spruce, our ethanol has a consistent impurity profile. Emissions are approximately a tenth that of synthetic ethanol, making it a highly sustainable alternative.

Our production plant in Norway runs 24/7 throughout the year, with an estimated 20 million litres annual production. Our high production capacity is a result of continuous improvements over time.

We are one of the few, if not the only, ethanol providers that can offer fermented ethanol that has no GMO basis. Antibiotics are not used in the manufacturing process. Our ethanol qualities are used for both biofuels and technical application. The quality grade we supply is applicable and suitable for many purposes.

We are ISCC certified (EN15376) for the biofuels market. For technical applications, our certifications and statements include Kosher, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 15001.

There are endless opportunities for bioethanol from Borregaard, and we are proud to serve customers throughout Europe.


See how much our bioethanol can reduce your company's scope 3 emissions. 

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