Cellulose Fibrils

Sustainable cellulose fibrils that improves rheology and stability.

Borregaard's cellulose fibrils (or microfibrillated cellulose - MFC) products enhance the structure in your product formulations, increasing your formulation efficiency and reducing your CO2 footprint.

We offer cellulose fibrils sourced from Norway Spruce in Scandinavian forests. The new-to-the-market technology is showing some clear advantages, helping you out when formulating.

It is an insoluble microfibrillated cellulose, which consists of an entanglement of the cellulose fibres which has the ability to interact both physically through its extreme surface area and chemically through hydrogen bonding. Its novel nature gives it rheological and mechanical functionalities, which as an additive, imparts a unique combination of properties in finished product systems.

As a result of the fibrillation process, many hydroxyl groups become accessible to matrix in a network, resulting in a very high water retention capability. MFC will also retain its crystallinity features after the production process, providing a robust product.

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Potential markets and applications for cellulose fibrils

Due to its high efficiency, robustness in harsh environments and its multifunctional characteristics, our cellulose fibril products are suitable for a wide range of products and industries.
Remember, this list only includes a few examples – contact us to discuss potentials in your market.

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