Sustainable binding agents for briquetting of process fines

Borregaard offers a range of sustainable, bio-based binders for the agglomeration of raw materials and process fines. Our additives improve the quality, consistency and strength of briquettes, pellets, granules and extruded products. These lignin-based biopolymers are easy and safe to handle, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

In many industries, valuable process fines need to be agglomerated before further processing. By processing fines that traditionally have been put to landfill, waste can be turned into value. 

Some examples of materials that can benefit from our sustainable binding agents:

Alloys Graphite Mill scale fines
Anthracite Iron ore fines Petcoke fines
Biocarbon / Carbon fines Manganese oxide fines Polyurethane foam
Biomass / Wood Metal oxide waste Sawmill dust
Coal fines Metal rich flue streams  
Filter dust Metallurgical waste fines  

Benefits offered:
  • Improved wet and dry strength 
  • Reduced cracks and fines rejects 
  • Burned off/carbonised at high temperatures 
  • Increased production throughput 
  • Improved durability of final agglomerates 
  • Sustainable, bio-based products

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