Additives for Household, Industrial & Institutional Cleaners

Our products can help you solve typical challenges in formulating liquid home care products and professional cleaning detergents. In ongoing development and innovation, the products are also vital in replacing synthetic additives with bio-based alternatives without sacrificing performance.

Typical challenges to solve with Borregaard bio-based products include:

  • Structuring of cationic, anionic and non-ionic surfactant systems
  • Suspension of capsules and solids in liquid detergents
  • Rheology and viscosity control of highly acidic formulations
  • Uniform sprayability of strongly acidic, neutral and alkaline liquid detergents
  • Cling and prolongated contact time of detergents and foam on vertical surfaces
  • Incompatibilities with pH, surfactants, salts, enzymes, oxidising agents, temperature and solvents
  • Safe: REACH exempt, non-sensitising, non-irritant, non-toxic


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