Additives for Personal Care & Cosmetics

Our products help you solve challenges related to personal care liquid formulations, dispersions and emulsions.

Exilva® microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) is a sustainable and bio-based rheology additive for cosmetics and personal care products, imparting stability and novel product textures.

Lignin-based biopolymers are multifunctional additives with dispersing and deflocculant properties.

Given its inherent antimicrobial and antioxidant properties EuroVanillin® Supreme can replace oil-based preservatives in cosmetics and personal care products.

Borregaard products replace current synthetic additives in ongoing developments and innovations, increase bio-based content and reduce the CO2 footprint of end products. Our sustainable products are non-sensitive, non-irritant and non-toxic.

Our products help solve common challenges, including:

  • Sedimentation and settling of solids, particles and pigments
  • Dispersion and deflocculation of pigments
  • Syneresis and phase separation of emulsions and dispersions
  • Unstable viscosity over time due to lack of tolerance to the presence of cationic components, acid pH, high salt content and temperature fluctuations
  • Sprayability and spray uniformity
  • Poor sensory properties and texture
  • Microbiological control

Borregaard is also a major supplier of advanced bioethanol, which can be used in a number of personal care applications. Learn more

Applications in Personal Care & Cosmetics

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