Sustainable Additives for Electronic Wet Chemicals

Borregaard offers bio-based additives for the formulation of electronic wet chemical solutions. These products are used at wet treatment stages of the manufacturing process of semiconductor, PV cells silicon wafer, hard disk media, etc. They are highly effective in changing and enhancing the wet chemistries involved in removing impurities, contaminants, and other residues.

Our additives are:

  • Sustainable
  • Consistent in quality and of high purity
  • Compatible with strong acids, alkaline and
  • Compatible with other surface active and moderating agents

Precise chemical solutions could be formulated to achieve maximum efficiency and best cleaning performance.

Particularly in PV cells silicon wet stage wafer manufacturing, precise chemical solutions are formulated for etching of saw edge, for texturing of the polished silicon wafer faces and for efficient rinsing off unwanted debris. Our products help shorten the etching, cleaning and texturing times significantly. 

With right formulation techniques, a homogeneous pyramid textured silicon wafer surface with exceptionally low reflectance % could be produced in the shortest time.

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