Antiperspirants & Deodorants

Exilva® microfibrillated cellulose from Borregaard provides your antiperspirants and deodorants with improved sprayability, stability and sensory properties.

Borregaard bio-based additives have excellent compatibility with different salts and solvents. They can be used to improve sprayability and anti-settling of suspended solids, leading to improved product characteristics and prolongated product shelf-life.

The end products are typically opaque in appearance, non-tacky and nice and soft to the touch.

Our products offer the following benefits:

  • Improved sprayability
  • Improved spray mist and spray pattern
  • Uniform spray
  • Anti-dripping
  • Improved sensory properties: Non-tacky, Soft skin feel
  • Opaque appearance
  • Improved electrolyte tolerance
  • Improved solvent tolerance
  • Improved formulation stability
  • Anti-settling of suspended particles, capsules


We have multiple example formulations available to show these effects. Please contact us to get your copy.

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