Resins & Adhesives

Borregaard produces biopolymers and cellulose fibrils that are well suited for formulating your adhesive and resin products. Our products can also be used to enhance the performance of your existing formulations.

Bio-based adhesives were the preferred technology for centuries until oil-based alternatives largely replaced them. With the need for more sustainable solutions in all areas of industry there has been increased interest in the use of bio-based solutions in the adhesives sector.

Strategies for inclusion of Borregaard’s bio-based products into resins and adhesives:

  • "Extender" for finished resins
  • "Co-reactant" during resin synthesis
  • Thickener for waterborne dispersion adhesives
  • Performance additive for UF/MUF/PMDI

Benefits Borregaard’s products can provide:

  • Sustainable, lower-cost resins
  • Enhanced glue penetration
  • Reduced swelling
  • Reduced formaldehyde emissions
  • Unique rheology control of dispersion adhesives
  • Increased bond strength of UF/MUF
  • Reduced paint consumption
  • Reliable availability and stable quality

The links below provide more information on our lignin and cellulose fibril products for adhesive applications.

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Resins & Adhesives

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