Phenolic Resin Extenders

We have built know-how in the synthesis of lignin-based phenolic resins (LPF) for different applications (plywood, laminates, phenolic foams, etc.). It is possible for you to economically replace 20% - 50% of the phenol with Borregaard biopolymers, yielding a final LPF resin with a lower carbon footprint and similar performance to standard PF resin.

The versatility of Borregaard’s biopolymers helps you avoid the limitations of kraft lignin (KL) and soda lignin (SL) as phenol replacement:

  • Quality: Strict specifications for important parameters
  • Cost-in-use: Borregaard products are available as liquid products
  • Viscosity: Borregaard products have a lower viscosity than KL
  • pH sensitivity: Borregaard products are soluble in low and high pH systems

Compared to the use of phenol, Borregaard’s biopolymers offer you a significantly reduced potential for climatic change, as documented in the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) conducted by NORSUS. The environmental performance of Borregaard’s biopolymers is available in detailed environmental product declarations (EPDs).

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