Waterborne polychloroprene dispersion adhesive additives

Polychloroprene has a long history as an adhesive. It has been the primary choice when fast, high-strength and permanent bonds are needed in a wide variety of applications ranging from shoe soles to foam bonding.

Historically, polychloroprene adhesives have been solvent-borne. Recently, there has been a shift towards waterborne polychloroprene adhesives due to environmental and safety reasons. One of the challenges of waterborne polychloroprene dispersion adhesives has been compatibility with other commonly used ingredients in the adhesive formulation. This has lead to poor storage stability and rheology control.

Our products offer you the following benefits in waterborne polychloroprene dispersion adhesives:

  • Improved sprayability
  • Sag resistance and increased coating build
  • Anti-settling and increased shelf life
  • Longer open time

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