Exilva MFC

Borregaard’s Exilva® is a bio-based microfibrillated cellulose. 

Exilva consists of fibres with nanoscale lateral dimensions and micron scale lengths. Exilva’s fibril network gives high viscosity at rest. The extreme shear thinning and quick viscosity recovery provides spray application of adhesive systems with optimal substrate wetting for efficient bonding.

Adhesive strength, sustainability, and manufacturing cost are improved. Exilva is safe to handle and does not contain any harmful substances.

Exilva can control formulation rheology. Moreover, the fibril network of Exilva is extremely robust and can withstand harsh conditions such as extreme pH 1-13, temperature and shear forces. This makes Exilva suited for application in UF and MUF adhesives, which both will acquire a strong shear thinning behaviour.

With Exilva, excellent application properties such as spray ability and wetting are achieved, resulting in improved adhesion and mixing between adhesive and hardener. Furthermore, possessing a large surface area, Exilva allows for an interaction between the hydroxyl groups of cellulose fibrils and methylol groups of the resin, improving adhesive strength and ductility.