Product Characteristics

Exilva is a pre-activated product, available as a 2% suspension or a 10% paste. Based on our proprietary technology, Borregaard has developed the P-series and the F-series to suit applications with a wide variety of demands.

Exilva P-series

The Exilva P-series is specially designed to ensure high control of rheology in systems where large/heavy particles can create increased complexity in stabilization. Typical usage areas of Exilva P-series are construction, and resins & adhesives.

Exilva F-series

The Exilva F-series ensures extreme shear thinning capabilities, higher water retention values, greater surface area and highly effective multifunctional performance. Typical usage areas include paints & coatings, personal care, homecare, and agricultural chemicals.

Exilva CFM-series

The Exilva CFM-series is the world’s first commercially available COSMOS approved Microfibrillated cellulose, a verification that implies a natural product and a green production process. Exilva CFM has all the same performance as the F-series and is tailored for the personal care market.

Product grades

All series are delivered as a 2% suspension (L-grade) or a 10% paste (V-grade).

Borregaard will provide you with the best solution for your application, and our technical team will help you find the correct product grade and series for your individual needs. Please contact us directly if you have questions on what product to choose.

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