Hair Care

Exilva® microfibrillated cellulose from Borregaard provides your hair care products with improved flow, stability, texture and performance.

The incompatibility of many bio-based additives with cationic ingredients in hair conditioners and hair styling products makes it challenging to find a replacement for synthetic additives.

Borregaard’s bio-based rheology additives have excellent compatibility with different chemistries, including cationic systems. They can be used to structure and thicken bio-based formulations, controlling the flowability of products and allowing anti-settling of suspended solids, leading to prolongated product shelf-life.

End products are typically non-tacky, nice and soft to the touch and potentially with improved cosmetic performance.

For hair care formulations, our products offer the following benefits:

  • Structuring of formulations with cationic surfactants or polymers
  • Improved formulation stability
  • Improved product applicability
  • Reduced tackiness
  • Anti-settling of pearlescent pigments
  • Opaque appearance
  • Reduced wet combing force (hair conditioning effect)
  • Improved sprayability
  • Anti-dripping

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