Cellulose fibrils: Sustainable rheology modifiers for shotcrete.

Video: High shear vs. low shear dispersion

Watch our video to learn the differences between high shear and low shear dispersion.

Exilva in January issue of International Paper Board Industry magazine

By showing great benefits to starch adhesives in the corrugated board industry, an article about Exilva has been included in the January issue of the International Paper Board Industry (IPBI) magazine. Key benefits are enhanced bonding effects, increased speed on complex qualities and warp improvement. Read the full article here.

Corrugated board adhesives

Providing stability and strength to the glue for more efficient production, higher product quality and less waste for corrugated board producers.

Wood-based panels

Exilva increases the internal bond of wood-based panels and improves spraying and mixing between resin and hardener.

Download: Dispersion guide

Download our dispersion guide to understand the importance of correct dispersion to Exilva.

Customer reference story: Glomma Papp

Based on around 70 million m² produced boards with Exilva, Glomma Papp measured production improvements by 14% and 11% reduced warp.

Product Characteristics

Exilva is a pre-activated product, available as a 2% suspension or a 10% paste. It is delivered as P and F-series, suited for a wide variety of demands.

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