Assisted trial runs

Whether you are looking for productivity improvements or boron replacements, adding new products to an existing process is always a pain point.

Since 2018 Borregaard has worked closely with corrugators to introduce Exilva® to their production, achieving excellent results.  You may book your assisted trial run today.

As a service to help you succeed, we offer several options for assisted trial runs. Firstly, a trial run includes a free pallet of Exilva, and one of our experts will help you determine the product and solution best fit for your production.

Secondly, we offer technical experts to assist you when introducing Exilva - both in the glue kitchen and in the glueing process. This service is either on-site or through a remote assisted HoloLens concept.

Lastly, you are very welcome to give us a call or send us an email to discuss options for products, solutions and trials. We’re flexible and happy to help.


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"We started to qualify a boron free solution technically. Then we have used Exilva as a productivity enhancer. Doing this, we have an option to step by step reduce the boron compounds in the glue, in a controlled manner. Exilva enables us to run smoother, faster and with improved quality and speed. Based on around 70 million m2 produced boards with Exilva, we’ve measured production improvements by 14% and reduced warp with 11%."
– Corrugator Supervisor Jan Berg at Glomma Papp, Norway.

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