Exilva PBX

Borregaard’s Exilva® PBX is a microfibrillated cellulose, produced from Norway Spruce. Its bio-based origin is especially beneficial when used as an additive with starch-based corrugated board adhesives.

Exilva PBX is fine-tuned and exclusively produced for our Combo solution, focusing on speed and productivity. Its three-dimensional network of fibril entanglements fits very well with the nature of starch. By enabling a strong multiple hydrogen bonding interaction, it helps stabilise and improve the starch effect.

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Exilva PBX is specially designed to ensure high control of rheology in systems where large/heavy particles can create increased complexity in stabilisation. We’ve seen immediate results by adding Exilva PBX on top of existing adhesive formulas. The interaction between starch and Exilva PBX provides the adhesive a longer opening time and stronger gel. Consequently, the board has more time for re-alignment after the slitter/score, and thus, the glueing becomes more robust at the higher speed. The longer opening time also reduces crack board at extra dense and closed papers like WT, Coated, PE laminated, and SC-Fluting.

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