Exilva Combo

Test Exilva® Combo for speed and quality – immediate effects. Just add Exilva to your existing glue recipe. 

This is the Combo solution! Simple, with no risks of testing/evaluating. Start with your most complex qualities where the glue limits your speed. Observe the slitter score and watch what happens.

The Exilva glue's ability to counteract typical limitations at the slitter-scorer is the primary influence on productivity. Higher speed, particularly when running complex, multi-wall and heavy paper qualities at the double backer (glue unit), is thus possible.

The synergist for this speed- improvement is the interaction between starch and Exilva. It provides the adhesive a longer open-time, allowing the board more opportunity to be re-aligned after scoring. Consequently, the glueing becomes more adamant to running higher speed.

Benefits you can expect from Exilva in your corrugating adhesive:

  • Improves bonding strength, lessens warp and delamination
  • Productivity by significantly higher machine speed where the slitter scorer is the bottleneck. Particularly pronounced on heavier double-/triple wallboard qualities glued at the double backer.
  • Storage stability over longer time periods: More stable glue with no viscosity drift – storing over the weekend – minimal retrogradation when pumping the glue over longer distances
  • Safer and more accurate production
"We started to qualify a boron free solution technically. Then we have used Exilva as a productivity enhancer. Doing this, we have an option to step by step reduce the boron compounds in the glue, in a controlled manner. Exilva enables us to run smoother, faster and with improved quality and speed. Based on around 70 million m2 produced boards with Exilva, we’ve measured production improvements by 14% and reduced warp with 11%."

– Corrugator Supervisor Jan Berg at Glomma Papp, Norway.

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