Exilva FBX

Borregaard’s Exilva® FBX is a proven, bio-based borates replacement enabler in corrugated board adhesives, creating a safer end-product for consumers and a less toxic working environment for corrugated producers.

Exilva FBX is microfibrillated cellulose from Norway Spruce, exclusively produced for boron replacement in starch adhesives. Its three-dimensional microfibrils network enables a state-of-the-art interaction with the starch used in corrugated adhesives, creating a more robust starch hydrogen bonding.

Exilva FBX ensures extreme shear thinning capabilities, higher water retention values, greater surface area and highly effective multifunctional performance. You should expect improvements already by adding Exilva to your existing recipe. However, enabling boron replacement in all your qualities requires some adjustments, for which our team is at your assistance.

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