Pigment dispersion

Viscosity measurements in our laboratory with typical pigment water-based slurries. Several different solids content per pigment

Bio-based dispersants for colour cosmetics formulations

Borregaard biopolymers are multifunctional additives used in colour cosmetic formulations to enhance pigment dispersion, thus improving performance and hiding power.

Liquid Laundry and Fabric Softeners

Structuring of cationic and anionic surfactants, suspension of fragrance capsules.

Hard surface cleaners

Uniform sprayability of strongly acidic, neutral and alkaline products. Improved vertical cling of liquid formulations and foam.

How to use MFC in cosmetics products? An Interview.

Mr. Rainer Kröpke from Cosmacon sharing his exciting thoughts in this interview.

Carbon Black particle size

Laboratory work demonstrates the effect of biopolymer on particle size distribution of a carbon black dispersion.

Antimicrobial properties from bio-based vanillin

Due to inherent antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, EuroVanillin Supreme can reduce and even replace synthetic oil-based preservatives.

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