Bio-based dispersants for colour cosmetics formulations

Borregaard biopolymers are multifunctional additives used in colour cosmetic formulations to enhance pigment dispersion, thus improving performance and hiding power.

We offer sustainable dispersants for aqueous pigment systems, including carbon black, which will help you increase milling efficiency and solids loading while reducing initial viscosity. Our biopolymers also help reduce gelling and free water and improve handling and transport efficiency compared to powder systems.

Following the trend of moving towards water-based pigment solutions to improve sustainability, we offer you a wide portfolio of bio-based dispersants for cosmetics applications.

Adding insoluble pigments to the medium requires grinding them to a fine powder and mixing them into the slurry system. Utilising our dispersants ensures homogenous distribution of the pigment and small particle size. The dispersion process affects the finished pigment formulation’s costs and quality.

Key benefits:

  • Effective: increases milling efficiency and solids loading while reducing initial viscosity
  • Multifunctionality: provides additional emulsion stabilisation
  • Sustainable: Borregaard lignin biopolymers are 100% bio-based from sustainable forests.
  • Versatile: compatible with a broad range of substrates, fillers and other additives.
  • Safe: REACH exempt, non-sensitising, non-irritant (to eyes or skin), non-toxic
  • Tolerant: to high electrolyte concentrations over a wide pH range.
  • Low microbial growth: due to natural microbe-resistant properties of lignin.

Natural antioxidant and strong UV absorption are native properties of lignin which are the backbone of our biopolymers.

Performance data

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