Hard surface cleaners

Borregaard’s bio-based rheology additives are robust and can be used in extreme pH formulations and with a wide range of additives and surfactants.

The shear thinning behaviour of cellulose fibrils improves sprayability and spray uniformity of liquid products including strongly acidic formulations. The fast viscosity recovery prolongates the vertical cling of the products.

In hard surface cleaners, our products offer the following benefits:

  • Uniform sprayability of strongly acidic, neutral and alkaline products
  • Improved vertical cling of liquid formulations and foam
  • Prolongated contact time of cleaning products on vertical surfaces
  • Improved stability and shelf-life of highly acidic products such as pickling solutions.
  • Structuring of cationic, non-ionic and anionic surfactant systems
  • Structuring and anti-settling of suspended solids
  • Improved compatibility and robustness of formulations with acids, surfactants, oxidising agents, salts, solvents and temperature
  • Non-stringy product texture

These benefits are applicable to cleaning products targeting metal, stone, tiles, glass, wood or any other surface.

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