Maximise Shotcrete Quality and Sustainability with Exilva

See how Borregaard's Exilva® cellulose fibrils can boost your shotcrete with better mix stability, easier spraying, and simple application. This sustainable additive cuts down on material waste and helps you build more sustainably, making your projects more efficient and green.

Benefits offered:

  • Reduced rebound
  • Improved workability and cohesion
  • Increased applicability
  • Reduced cost
  • Sustainable/Environmentally friendly

Reduced Rebound

Exilva's cellulose fibrils network acts as a natural viscosity modifier, enhancing shotcrete stability and minimising material loss during spraying, which leads to less waste and higher efficiency.

Improved Workability and Cohesion

Exilva improves the consistency and homogeneity of the shotcrete mix by reducing water loss, resulting in smoother application and better quality of the finished product. A more uniform mix design also leads to less segregation and bleeding.

Increased Applicability

The natural shear-thinning effect of Exilva makes pumping and spraying shotcrete easier, reducing the energy demands on machinery and eliminating the need for additional spray-enhancing admixtures.

Reduced Cost

By improving workability and reducing rebound, Exilva lowers overall material and operational costs, leading to more efficient use of resources and better economic performance for your projects.

Sustainable/Environmentally friendly

Exilva provides a sustainable solution that reduces the CO2 footprint of shotcrete mix designs, contributing to more environmentally friendly construction practices and meeting green building standards.

Documented Performance

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