Sustainable Construction

Borregaard is the world-leading producer of sustainable lignin-based biopolymers and cellulose fibrils for use in concrete, gypsum board and mortars.

Our lignosulfonates and cellulose fibrils product Exilva® represent green alternatives to synthetic polymers and contribute to building a more sustainable future.

Derived from sustainably managed forests, our construction products offer a beneficial carbon dioxide (CO2) balance. Every kilogram of additive used withdraws CO2 from the atmosphere due to photosynthesis. As an example, when used in concrete our lignosulfonates capture more CO2 than what is required for their manufacture. Additional CO2 reductions are achieved from water and cement reduction in the concrete mix design while maintaining the required concrete performance.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

We offer independently verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for our liquid and powder lignosulfonates from our plant in Norway:

EPD Liquid lignosulfonate
EPD Powder lignosulfonate


United Nations' Sustainability Development Goals

Borregaard’s biopolymers for construction support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals number 9, 11 and 12 by improving resource efficiency (lower CO2 emissions, less water and cement usage). This, in turn, contributes to more sustainable building.

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