Concrete Additives

Borregaard is a leading, global supplier of sustainable biopolymers to the construction industry, offering high quality products, formulation expertise and technical service. We have multiple plants around the world and operate our own accredited concrete laboratory.

Our biopolymers are cost-effective dispersants and rheology modifiers that help control concrete workability. These products are based on lignin and microfibrillar cellulose (MFC), sourced from sustainably farmed trees. They represent plant-based alternatives to synthetic polymers.

Our standard and superior grade lignosulfonates are the most cost-effective water reducers on the market. They can be used for both plasticizer and superplasticizer admixture formulations.

Exilva®, our MFC products, are rheology modifiers that can be used as highly efficient yield stress enhancers or viscosity modifying agents.

Benefits offered:

  • Sustainable alternatives to synthetic products
  • Excellent rheological control
  • Compatible with most other chemicals
  • Improved and consistent concrete strength and durability
  • Good water reduction capacity
  • Cost-efficiency/formulation cost reduction

Our biopolymers can be used for most types of concrete, such as ready-mixed concrete (RMC), pre-cast concrete, self-compacting concrete (SCC), roller compacted concrete (RCC), low heat of hydration concrete and alkali-activated systems (AAS).

Our products

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