Sustainable dispersants and rheology modifiers for concrete

Borregaard offers cost-effective, sustainable dispersants and rheology modifiers that help control concrete workability. Our products are based on lignin and cellulose fibrils sourced from sustainably farmed trees, and represent plant-based alternatives to synthetic polymers. 

Our standard and superior grade lignosulfonates are the most cost-effective water reducers on the market for ready-mix concrete.

Our cellulose fibrils product is a rheology modifier that can be used as a highly efficient yield stress enhancer or a viscosity modifying agent in shotcrete and self-compacting concrete (SCC).

Benefits offered:

  • Sustainable alternatives to synthetic products
  • Excellent rheological control
  • Compatible with most other chemicals
  • Improved and consistent concrete strength and durability
  • Good water reduction capacity
  • Cost-efficiency/formulation cost reduction

What we offer:

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