Plant-based anionic dispersants for auto dishwasher tablets

Borregaard offers a variety of plant-based anionic dispersants for auto dishwasher (ADW) products. These are sustainable alternatives to petrochemical-based anionic polymer ingredients, such as polyacrylic acid. Borregaard’s 100% bio-based Pionera products are derived from sustainably managed forests.

Borregaard biopolymer dispersants are designed to meet the challenges of troublesome washing conditions such as water hardness and high alkalinity. They can replace oil based ingredients such as polyacrylates, and allow phosphate levels to be reduced, improving the sustainability of the detergent without compromising performance.

Key benefits:

  • Sustainable: Pionera® biopolymers are 100% bio-based
  • Versatile: Compatible with a broad range of substrates, fillers and other additives.
  • Effective: Reduced spotting and filming on dishware
  • Colour: No impact on transparency of liquid formulations, gives natural colour.
  • Safe: REACH exempt, non-sensitising, non-irritant (to eyes or skin), non-toxic

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