Exilva – Rainfastness Enhancer

Tests in our laboratory demonstrate that Exilva® formulated with biocontrol formulations increases the resistance of the applied mix to wash off from hydrophobic surfaces, hence, potentially improving the rainfastness of the pesticide.

Results show that increasing the concentration of Exilva in a pesticide dilution before application on a Parafilm surface (simulating leaf surface) improves the wash-off resistance and possibly the rainfastness of the pesticide.

When the pesticide was applied onto a parafilm surface without Exilva, 64 seconds were needed to wash off a drop of this solution from the surface. Under a similar water flow, the time required to wash off a drop of the pesticide increased up to 165 seconds with increasing concentration of Exilva.

This indicates that the film-forming ability of Exilva can positively impact the rainfastness of products containing Exilva. The effect is dependent on the concentration of Exilva used.

Key takeaways:

  • Exilva can potentially improve rainfastness of a biopesticide formulation.
  • Exilva can be used as in-can or tank mix additive to enhance rainfastness.
  • Exilva is a biodegradable and sustainable safe-to-use alternative to existing stickers.

Time to wash-off a drop of diluted pesticide from a parafilm treated surface under a constant water flow as a function of the concentration of Exilva.

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