Exilva – Solvent Compatibility

Results show that Exilva® can be used, not only in water-based systems, but also in polar solvent-based formulations as a rheology modifier and stabiliser.  

Exilva was added to different solvents and different concentrations of solvents.

When compared to the viscosity in water, higher viscosities were obtained for Exilva in solvents such as glycols and glycerin.

Exilva can, therefore, be used to control flow, thicken and provide anti-settling properties in polar solvent-based formulations.

Key takeaways:

  • Exilva is compatible and dispersible in a wide range of solvents with preference for polar solvents.
  • Exilva is an excellent rheology modifier and stabiliser for polar solvent-based systems.
  • Exilva is biodegradable and VOC free, reducing carbon footprint of solvent-based formulations.

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