Exilva – An Excellent Film Former

Investigations at the Technical Research Centre of Finland demonstrate that Exilva® has excellent film-forming properties. Exilva increases the mechanical strength as well as the barrier and surface properties in various applications like coatings, paper and packaging.

Results show that Exilva, when used to prepare a film, gave excellent tensile properties and formed a very good oxygen barrier.

This study summarizes the mechanical properties of the film and compares it to some other materials. The Exilva film has high tensile strength and strain at break, indicating a strong and flexible material.

Based on these results, one can assume that Exilva could be used as an additive in your liquid coatings for seeds or granules to improve their surface properties and reduce surface defects in addition to providing stability and anti-settling in the liquid phase.

Key takeaways:

  • Exilva is a film-forming material.
  • Exilva improves barrier and mechanical properties in films and in coatings.
  • Exilva is a biodegradable and micro-plastic free film former as well as a stabiliser for water-based or polar solvent-based coatings.

Exilva films (35 μm thick ) made by casting containing sorbitol.

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