Ameri-Bond 2X

Ameri-Bond® 2X has been helping deliver consistent, durable pellets for decades. Ameri-Bond 2X is simply the most effective, versatile and sustainable pelleting aid available in North America.

Ameri-Bond 2X improves your pellet durability through adhesion, and is effective at both low and high conditioning temperatures.

Its excellent performance is due to the ability to distribute well in the feed, be adsorbed, become adhesive and form bonds between the feed particles. You will find it especially useful in high fat feeds, feeds with urea, complete feeds, high-performance supplements, and high mineral feeds. Ameri-Bond 2X is also an effective binder for pressed and poured blocks.

Ameri-Bond® 2X is 100% lignosulfonate. Because it is a soluble fibre of plant origin, it also provides metabolisable energy and acts as a prebiotic. However, its most significant nutritional benefit is its ability to improve pellet durability, reduce fines and prevent segregation of the feed.

Ameri-Bond 2X is available for customers in USA, Canada and Mexico.

To our customers in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America: please visit the LignoBond DD web page.

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