Binder for animal feed blocks

LignoBond® and Ameri-Bond® 2X are sustainable, very efficient binders for feed blocks.

The production of feed blocks involves the mixing of supplementary ingredients formulated to provide the nutritional deficiencies of grazing hill farmed pasture in winter months. The mixture is either cold compressed into a block at high pressure (2000 - 3000 psi) or conditioned with steam and hot compressed, the block can then be placed on the hillside for animals to consume.

When producing feed blocks it is important to ensure they are not too soft as they will then either be consumed too quickly or deteriorate during inclement weather. Our lignin-based binders LignoBond and Ameri-Bond 2X can be used to ensure that the correct block hardness is achieved. We recommend a dosage of up to 10% for this purpose.

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