LignoBond® are sustainable, high-performance, cost-effective pellet binders made from lignin.

LignoBond products are effective in a wide range of feeds, and especially in formulations with high levels of fibre or fat. They will enable absorption of steam and improve starch gelatinisation, which in turn result in high durability and improved hardness of your pellets and cubes. LignoBond are also ideal for pressed feed blocks and different types of biomass pellets.

LignoBond products are 100% lignosulfonates. Because lignosulfonate is a soluble fibre of plant origin, the products also have a prebiotic effect. However, the most significant nutritional benefit from using LignoBond continues to be the products' ability to improve pellet durability, reduce fines, and prevent segregation of the feed.

LignoBond are available for customers in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America. 

For feed producers in the USA, Canada and Mexico: please visit the Ameri-Bond 2X  page.

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