Importance of pellet quality

"Bad management of pellet quality can cost as much as 13% of the grower's conversion ratio."
Dr. Ken Krueger, Nicholas Turkey

Modern birds grow faster when pellet quality is good. They spend less time eating and more time resting. Quality pellets also prevent segregation and allow the birds to get the nutritional package that is designed for them.

Effect of different levels of fines on turkey weight and feed conversion

  Experiment #1 Experiment #2
Fines 30 % 5 % 34 % 10 %
Weight, kg 14,1 15,0 14,4 15,0
Feed/Gain 2,71 2,54 2,77 2,68

Source: Dr. Cliff Nixey, British United Turkey

Effect of pellet quality on broiler performance.

*0 = 100% pellets, 100 = mash.
J. Quentin, et. al.m, J. Appl. Poul. Res. 2004. 13:540-548


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