Field Trial: Ameri-Bond 2X in swine gestation pellets

This pelleting trial at an integrator in the USA making swine gestation pellets shows how Ameri-Bond 2X can improve pellet durability (PDI) and decrease the amount of fines delivered to the feeder.

The field trial compared a control run of 50 tonnes of standard swine gestation ration and 50 tonnes with 0.75% Ameri-Bond 2X. Production conditions were constant. Pellet durability improved dramatically from 51 to 82, and fines delivered to the farm were reduced by 46.8%.

Key takeaways:

  • Addition of 0.75% Ameri-Bond 2X improved Pellet Durability Index (PDI) from 54.7 to 80.7 at the cooler and 51.1 to 82.2 after the fat-coater.
  • Feeder fines were reduced from 45.9% to 24.4%.

Impact of 0.71% (DM) Ameri-Bond 2X on process conditions

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