Testing pellet quality

We recommend the New Holmen Pellet Tester (NHPT). It provides a more rigorous test and accurately predicts the degradation that pellets experience during transport and handling.

The NHPT is based on a design by Borregaard. It is smaller, faster, and more sporty than previous commercial testers. 100 g of pellets are placed in the chamber, blown about from 30 to 120 seconds by a jet of air, and then weighed, giving a direct read of pellet durability. Fines are removed during the blowing process. Air pressure and run time are adjustable.

The NHPT is manufactured and sold by UK-based company TekPro. More information about the product can be found at their website.


New Holmen Pellet Tester compared to other pellet testers (pellet durability) 

Feed Type  Tumbling
Can + Nuts 
 Old Holmen
 Pellet Tester 
 New Holmen
 Pellet Tester 
 Rabbit  98.4  96.5   96.5   97.7 
 Dairy, 18%  97.9  95.3  94.6  97.2
 Dairy, 38%  96.7  91.0  90.2  93.6
 Beef, 16%  96.1  91.6  89.0  94.0
 Turkey grower  94.7  82.0  84.6  87.2
 Pig starter  95.5  83.8  80.5  82.4
 Broiler, 2% fat  89.1  68.2  68.5  64.9


Seven different types of feed were tested to learn how the various pellet testers compared.  The NHPT is more severe than the Tumbling Can, the NHPT giving a durability of 64.9 in broiler pellets, while the Tumbling Can gave 89.1.   Adding two ¾-inch hex nuts to the Tumbling Can dropped durability to 68.2.  Experience suggests the more severe test better reflects conditions in the industry.

New Holmen Pellet Tester

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