Field Trial: Liquid Ameri-Bond 2X in broiler withdrawal

This pelleting trial on a broiler withdrawal feed in the South Central USA shows how the inclusion of 10% distillers grains (DDGS) in the formulation caused amperage to increase and limited conditioning temperature. These restrictions were eliminated by application of liquid Ameri-Bond 2X.

The purpose of this trial was to document the ability of liquid Ameri-Bond 2X to allow increased conditioning temperature and increased production rate in a Broiler Withdrawal 2 ration containing 10% DDGS. 

Key takeaways:

  • Increasing amperage caused by the inclusion of 10% DDGS was reversed by application of liquid Ameri-Bond 2X
  • Production rate was increased from 45 to 50 TPH
  • Pellet durability was improved from 75.9 to 77.3 

Impact of 0.71% (DM) Liquid Ameri-Bond 2X on process conditions

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