Antimicrobial properties from bio-based vanillin

Due to inherent antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, EuroVanillin Supreme can reduce and even replace synthetic oil-based preservatives.


Sustainable co-formulants and adjuvants for use in biocontrol.

Seed Coating

Sustainable products for seed coating, pelleting and encrusting.

Sustainable Construction

Borregaard is the world-leading producer of sustainable cellulose fibrils and lignin-based biopolymers for use in concrete, gypsum board and mortars.

Sustainable Agriculture

Borregaard is a leading supplier of sustainable solutions to the agricultural industry. Our products are based on microfibrillar cellulose, vanillin and lignin.


Tank-mix or in-can products for improved rainfastness and enhanced active uptake.

CS formulations

Dispersants and rheology modifier with anti-settling properties for capsule suspension (CS).

SC and FS formulations

Sustainable co-formulants and ingredients for suspension (SC) and flowable concentrates for seed treatment (FS).

OMRI listed additives

Fertilizer additives, inerts and co-formulants certified for organic use in farming, ornamentals and landscaping soil conditioners

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