Hair Care

Structuring of cationic systems, reduces product tackiness and reduces wet combing force.

Bath and Shower Care

Stabilisation of formulations and prolongated foam stability.

Hand Sanitisers

Uniform spray pattern with non-dripping effect.

Personal Care & Cosmetics

Our products help you solve challenges related to personal care liquid formulations, dispersions and emulsions.

How MFC can help thicken your advanced cleaning products

There is a strong need to disinfect and sanitise frequently touched surfaces. Exilva microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) is a bio-based structuring agent that can thicken household disinfectant and cleaning products at low to high pH, as well as with oxidising compounds.

Barrier coating

Food contact approved, sustainable and multifunctional additive for improving the performance of water based dispersion barrier coatings.

Sun Care

Sprayability of formulations, dispersion and anti-settling of pigments/UV filters and matting effect.

Colour Cosmetics

Dispersion and anti-settling of pigments.

Exilva in ASI Magazine (February 2022)

MFC shows excellent compatibility with high pH (> 12) waterborne polychloroprene dispersion systems. The high shear thinning enables spraying of the product, whereas the high viscosity at rest stabilizes the formulation during storage and transport.

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