How to use MFC in cosmetics products? An Interview.

Mr. Rainer Kröpke from Cosmacon sharing his exciting thoughts in this interview.

Carbon Black particle size

Laboratory work demonstrates the effect of biopolymer on particle size distribution of a carbon black dispersion.

Seed Coating

Sustainable products for seed coating, pelleting and encrusting.


Sustainable co-formulants and adjuvants for use in biocontrol.


Sustainable dispersants, water reducers, retarders and rheology modifiers for concrete.

Sustainable Construction

Borregaard is the world-leading producer of sustainable microfibrillar cellulose (MFC) and lignin-based biopolymers for use in concrete, gypsum board and mortars.

Sustainable Agriculture

Borregaard is a leading supplier of sustainable solutions to the agricultural industry. Our products are based on microfibrillar cellulose, vanillin and lignin.