Having trouble producing stable foams?

Solid foam is a clever way to produce lightweight structures and insulation materials, whereas many personal care and detergent formulations are required to form a liquid foam.

Is MFC compatible with surfactants?

Have you run into problems with incompatibility of the surfactant you would like to use and other ingredients in your formulation? This is a common problem as surfactants are quite versatile in charge, chemical structure and functionality. This could lead to undesired interactions with oppositely charged ingredients.

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Improving cleaning products: utilising multifunctionality of cellulose fibrils

Cleaning products at home containes fairly rough abrasives, enabling you to clean off dirt and stains. In the field of cleaning, this is called "agitation" and is part of the C-H-A-T cleaning formula: Chemical-Heat-Agitation-Time. Could this be something for cellulose fibrils? Let's discuss a couple of thoughts on where the cellulose fibrils may give you some functionality.

Stability of Cellulose fibrils — microbial degradation

Cellulose fibrils are most often supplied as readily activated water suspensions. This maintains the product’s performance and makes it easy to incorporate into a formulation. It however brings up questions about the microbial stability of the suspension over time. Is the robustness of Cellulose fibrils enough in this case?

Interior coatings

No viscosity loss upon tinting and excellent sag resistance without sacrificing levelling.

The new to the world solution in the corrugated packaging industry

The demand for speed and quality enhancement within the corrugation industry is increasing, and there is a strong trend to act on the consumers awareness by replacing substances of very high concern. Borregaard’s new Exilva® concepts has proven to deliver on both productivity and sustainability.

UF & MUF Wood adhesive additives

Borregaard’s MFC and lignin biopolymers can help solve UF and MUF gluing challenges.

Oil-in-water and suspo-emulsions

Sustainable stabiliser and structuring and anti-settling agent for oil-in-water and suspo-emulsions.

Hrh crown prince haakon's visit to borregaard

January 18th Borregaard’s plant in Sarpsborg was the first stop on the Norwegian Crown Prince's tour to learn more about how Norwegian businesses position them self to «The green shift». The visit started in the Control Center at Borregaard plant, introduced by the Mayor of Sarpsborg, Sindre Martinsen-Evje. President and CEO Per A. Sørlie presented Borregaard's role in “The green shift” before The Crown Prince was presented to Research and Development and digitalisation at Borregaard. The Crown Prince ended his visit with lunch at Borregaard's headquarters. See movie from visit here:  HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS CROWN PRINCE HAAKON's VISIT TO BORREGAARD