Co-formulants for dry crop protection products

Borregaard offers binders and dispersing agents designed for high-quality water dispersible granule (WG), wettable powder (WP) and applied granule (GR) formulations.

Our company is a market leader and has developed innovative and sustainable co-formulants for crop protection products for more than 50 years.

Ufoxane® 3A is the most versatile, high-quality dispersant used in the production of spray-dried and extruded agrochemical formulations. It has become an industry standard dispersant due to its robustness in handling challenging active materials, alone or in synergistic blends, and providing formulation tolerance to chemical and physical stress.   

Greensperse® S9 is our best-performing binder/dispersant for water-dispersible dry or liquid formulations with high electrolyte content or during tank-mix with fertilizers. Greensperse S9 brings more robustness to these types of formulations due to its combination of high molecular weight and high degree of sulfonation.

Greensperse® CA-N is a binder optimised for applied granules (GR). It provides enough strength and resistance to abrasion to reduce dusting and maintain the granule’s integrity until its application.

EuroVanillin® Supreme is a building block for active ingredient synthesis and can be used as insect repellent or preservative.

Benefits offered:

  • Superior dispersing and binding properties
  • Bio-based sustainable co-formulants
  • Optimised grinding and milling processing
  • Higher production output
  • Efficient at low to moderate dosages
  • Excellent storage stability of the final product
  • Good performance in hard water and electrolytes
  • Compatibility in tank-mix with fertilizer or high electrolyte conditions
  • Handle challenging active materials and their combinations

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