Family Organic Farming

Trends towards more sustainable and organic crop protection

Borregaard operates the world’s most advanced biorefinery, and our most important raw material is wood, more specifically, Norway Spruce harvested from certified forests with short transport routes.

Organic crop protection and farming methods have become more and more popular. Agricultural companies have looked for ways to produce more sustainable crop protection solutions, like, for instance through the use of biocontrol systems.

The development of traditional chemical active ingredients for crop protection has also undergone many improvements, resulting in reduced dosages, less bioaccumulation and lower toxicity.

In addition, new manufacturing technologies (water-dispersible granules, suspension concentrates, capsule suspensions, etc.) and co-formulants for organic farming (dispersing agents, binders, fillers, etc.), often sustainable, offer safer use and a lower environmental footprint with improved efficacy.

Finally, application methods and ingredient compatibility have also progressed. Today, it is possible to reduce the number of treatments required by using new multi-active combinations, fertilizer blends and crop protection products that can be applied simultaneously.

For many of the reasons mentioned above, ingredient suppliers are asked to develop greener, more robust, highly compatible solutions that can perform well in water-dispersible granules, suspension concentrates and capsule suspensions.

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