Slug Grain For Pest Control

The anatomy of a successful granule

A successful granule should be strong enough to allow handling and transportation but weak enough to disperse easily when preparing the spray-solution.

The balance between granule strength and dispersibility is controlled by judicious selection of dispersants, wetting agents, fillers and other co-formulants and adjuvants.

Multi-active ingredient formulations are developed to address protection by incorporating different mode-of-action functionalities.

This complexity, together with new requirements for tank-mix compatibility and robustness, represents a significant challenge. You will need tailor-made co-formulants to optimise shelf-life and efficacy of the formulated product.

Many surfactants fail when subjected to conditions created by the blend of incompatible co-formulants, adjuvants or water quality used for spraying, or simply by the simultaneous application of crop protection products together with fertilizers.

To avoid instabilities in the formulation, it is important to anticipate the possible negative conditions that the producer or final user may face, leading to precipitations, low suspensibility or spray nozzle blockage.

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