Greensperse CA-N performance in GR formulations

Demonstrations at our laboratory on two different substrates (powders) showcase how Greensperse® CA-N improved the strength and durability of the granulated products.

A pan (disk) granulator was used to granulate two different powder materials. Trials were performed by spraying a liquid solution of Greensperse CA-N onto the powder that had been pre-wetted and mixed with the same binder solution just before the granulation process. The amount of binder applied in the range of 1.9% – 3.6 % (w/w) and the impact on crush strength were measured and reported.


Key takeaways:

  • Greensperse CA-N provides increased strength and durability
  • Suitable for pressurized and non-pressurized agglomeration
  • Applicable for substrates with highly differing surface properties



Crush strength as function of amount of Greensperse CA-N applied to the granule.

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